Exosome Therapy


Within regenerative medicine, exosome therapy is a cutting edge treatment doctors are excited about. Many within the industryargue that exosomes may be more important than stem cells due to their unique ability to function as a “messenger” within the body, transferringinformation from cell to cell. When you suffer an injury, your body releases exosomes in response, and research is showing that exosomes play a key role in coagulation, when blood forms a clot. One of the most promising uses of exosomes isfor rheumatoid arthritis (RA), an autoimmune disorder in which inflammation leads to pain and degradation of joints.At Regenerative Sports, Spine & Spa, we offer exosome therapy, which contains growth factors, in conjunction with stem cell therapy to enhance healing benefits.  

What are Exosomes, and why are they useful?

Exosomes communicate “growth factor information” to other cells, which is vitally important in healing old cells and protecting new cells within the body.It is believed that the regeneration of healthy tissue is not a direct result of the stem cells, but rather the exosomes left behind, which are responsible for transferring the information from one cell to another.

Exosomes also have a unique therapeutic application because they can be used topically on the skin, injected with an IV or inhaled, so they get into the lungs, which is exceptionally beneficial for respiratory diseases such as COPD, as well as organ and joint regeneration.  

We’re Excited to Help Your Body Heal Naturally

Please contact Regenerative Sports, Spine & Spa today to discuss if our exosome therapy could benefit you. We look forward to helping your body heal, and relieving pain and inflammation associated with an injury or degenerative condition, so you can resume a healthy, active lifestyle.

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