Eyelash Extensions


Wake up with full, beautiful lashes makeup-free!

Women: the struggle is real when trying to find the holy grail of mascaras – one that doesn’t clump, run, smear, flake off or irritate your sensitive eyes. It’s time to end the mascara search for good and discover the amazing world of Eyelash Extensions. Thick dark lashes make you look more feminine and polished, and it attracts attention to your eyes, while adding depth to your facial features.

At Regenerative Sports, Spine & Spa our Eyelash Specialist will give you full, natural looking and comfortable lashes that have you feeling gorgeous day and night!

Our Eyelash Extension treatment will:

  • Add volume and fullness to your natural eyelashes
  • Lift the lashes to add depth to your face
  • Accentuate the color and brightness of your eyes
  • Save you time each day from applying messy mascara or clumpy fake lashes
  • Make you appear more youthful and alert