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Regenerative Sport, Spine and Spa

Spa and Wellness & Orthopedic Specialists located in Orlando, FL

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    1. "Amazing facility, it's state of the art. Amazing staff and award winning doctors."

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Why Choose Us

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Customer Service

No more hours wasted at the doctor's office. We are passionate about providing our patients with the best possible experience and quality time with our doctors. Get away from the transactional feeling.

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Natural Healing

We harness the body's ability to heal naturally without the use of medications or surgeries. We believe in the body's own regenerative power and the longevity benefits of this type of medicine.

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Our patients trust us because we deliver long lasting solutions for joint and spine pain that eliminates the need for continued doctor visits and altered lifestyle. You too will re-discover your youth and joy again.

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Healthcare Insurance is one of the most misunderstood factors in receiving care today.

Insurance is typically provided by an employer through an insurance carrier as a benefit to employees. It has no connection at all to the provider of those healthcare services.

We make every effort possible to assist you with understanding your insurance benefits. As a courtesy, our practice will verify your healthcare benefits and file your insurance claims on your behalf. The amount insurance will cover is strictly an estimate and we can never guarantee payment.

Ultimately, each patient has a responsibility to understand their own healthcare insurance benefits and are responsible for any balance outstanding on their account over 60 days.

This list does not include every single plan under each type of insurance carrier. There are an infinite amount of insurance plans offered under each carrier. Once we verify your insurance, we will be able to tell if we are in-network or out-of-network with your specific carrier.

Advent Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Florida Health Care Plans
Florida Hospital
Golden Rule
United Health Care

Words from our patients

  • "Thank you and one of the best doctors in Orland. Courtney was very welcoming and everyone was so pleasant!! I felt very comfortable there everyone was very professional"

    Ahmed E.
  • "My wife friend recommended this place very amazing people very professional staff as I said so far so good thank very much"

    Franklin R.
  • "My experience was excellent. The entire staff conducts themselves professionally and the care is cutting edge and effective. I'm already feeling better"

    Rafael L.
  • “Incredible care by a knowledgeable and compassionate staff- they listen, diagnose and treat- what more could you ask for."

    Ray W.
  • “Went back for a PRP booster for my knees. Very professional. I felt like I was in good hands. The staff is friendly. Great experience all around."

    Audrey N.