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 It’s nearly impossible to spot-reduce certain areas of your body, despite diet and exercise. One of those areas is underneath your chin. If you’ve noticed the appearance of a double chin that is a result of heredity or weight gain, then you may want to consider a newer treatment that literally melts fat cells, killing them for good. At Regenerative Sports, Spine & Spa we offer LipoDissolve, a non-invasive and non-surgical, safe and effective alternative to liposuction for the chin area. Unlike liposuction surgery, which involves downtime, and carries more risks and possible complications, LipoDissolve requires no downtime and is a quick, effective treatment to permanently reduce stubborn fat for a sleeker and more youthful jawline.

How Does LipoDissolve Work?

LipoDissolve is an FDA-approved treatment that can uses a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid – a salt found in human bile – to literally melt “submental fat” (which is the fat pocket under the chin). It’s an excellent treatment to get rid of a double chin, which can remain despite diet and exercise. The injection melts the fat, which is then excreted as waste naturally.  

Who’s the Best Candidate for LipoDissolve?

LipoDissolve is ideal for someone who is a healthy weight, but who has stubborn fat deposits that they haven’t been successful in reducing with diet or exercise. LipoDissolve is extremely effective for contouring the chin area to remove a double chin.  

What Can You Expect During and After LipoDissolve?

You’ll have a consultation with our doctor, and she will examine your treatment area and determine if LipoDissolve will be effective in helping you achieve your goals. She’ll also discuss how many LipoDissolve treatments will be necessary. Typically, two to six treatments are needed spaced about six weeks apart to achieve the best results. The doctor will apply a numbing cream to the chin area and begin the treatment. You may feel some soreness after the treatment in your chin area, and it could be slightly swollen following LipoDissolve, but the swelling is a sign that the treatment is working, and will subside once the fat begins to shrink and get flushed from your body. It may take weeks to see your final results, but your new slim jawline will be worth the brief wait!

Say Hello to a Sleeker and More Youthful Jawline!