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PRP Therapy Specialist

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When it comes to tissue rebuilding and repair, your body often has the necessary resources, just not in the numbers you need. Through platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, these resources can be redirected for better effect, addressing both orthopedic and cosmetic concerns. At Regenerative Sport, Spine and Spa, our team relies on PRP therapy to help her patients in Orlando, Florida, overcome musculoskeletal problems and look their best. To learn more about PRP therapy, call or use the online booking feature.

PRP Therapy

What is PRP therapy?

Your blood contains four ingredients:

  • Red blood cells
  • White blood cells
  • Platelets
  • Plasma

While your platelets are best known for their clotting abilities, they also contain growth factors, or proteins, that help your body rebuild and repair itself. When they arrive on the scene, your platelets release these growth factors, which set to work on rebuilding your tissue, while also calling in other resources, such as stem cells, to help with the effort.

With PRP therapy, we draw a sample of your blood and, using a centrifuge, isolates your platelets into a concentrate, which she mixes with your plasma and injects into areas where you need a regenerative boost.

How can PRP therapy help with orthopedic issues?

At Regenerative Sport, Spine and Spa, we turn to PRP therapy to address a number of orthopedic issues, such as:

Whenever you’re suffering from a soft tissue problem, PRP therapy can help your body rebuild this connective tissue naturally, without the need for surgical intervention.

How can PRP therapy address cosmetic concerns?

Taking a cue from orthopedic circles, the cosmetic world now uses PRP therapy to help refresh and revitalize aging skin from the inside out. At Regenerative Sport, Spine and Spa, we usePRP to help you regain more youthful skin by combining it with a microneedling technique.

Using the latest laser technology, our team creates tiny micro-injuries across the surface of your skin to synthesize collagen and elastin, which provide renewed support for your tissue. Not stopping there, she injects PRP into your skin to provide an extra healing boost, prompting your skin to rebuild and regenerate healthy new skin cells with the help of new growth factors.

This procedure is minimally invasive and non-ablative, and most patients get the best results after 3-5 sessions, which are spaced apart by several weeks to allow time for your body to respond and rebuild.

If you’d like to explore the many uses of PRP therapy, both medical and cosmetic, call Regenerative Sport, Spine and Spa or use the online booking feature to set up a consultation.